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Reduce your university recruitment budget by almost 50% & cut down cost of study portals, advertisement and purchasing of oudated email and work with real applicants from around the world.

Manage recruited students

Follow up on students you already contacted or recruited

Connect and reply with your favorite CRMs eg Neptune, DreamApply

You can simply recruit using any of your student management softwares by simply adding a link to your online portal and making it easy to recruit students directly

Live Geo recruitment by countries

View applicants by country and target your recruitment by region, search students by courses and qualifications

Reduce refunds with automated travel & visa

Don’t worry, we've automated the visa and travel process, send students travel service with ease.

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Studyinbudapest connects universities to International students in a whole new way, every year universities spend an average €3000 euros on educational fair per city , that's €9000 for 3 cities and the circle continues, high advert budget, purchase of contact emails, registration on study portals, metros, sub ways ,TV

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